Greenish - Ep

by Lines&Lies

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Nabra Hassanen, a 17-year old Muslim girl, was killed in Sterling, Virginia, just outside my hometown, so I have decided to release the song "Electromagnetism" early with the hope that it might provide you with the incentive to donate to her family and the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS).

Let us all stand together to fight racism, Islamophobia, anti-feminism, and other forms of senseless systematic violence in our communities.

If you'd prefer to donate directly to Nabra's family and ADAMS, please use this link:


released June 20, 2017

Recorded by Pablo Cabrera @ the Daché residence



all rights reserved
Track Name: Electromagnetism
those aren't stars
they're vultures
out to suck whatever culture
remains in my eyes
and inside
i'm a dead deer
still petrified
but knowing not to blame
just any guy
who uses the road you paved
at a convenient time
while i was away
so i'll pay
for every breath
i owe my maker
in death
and try to stay positive
when there are no positives
without you around
thinking out loud
leading ashtrays astray
and spreading pieces of me
in every city
you're not

so i'll tie this knot around you
and promise not to
call it names
when my back is turned
because i've learned to ignore
the ashes i leave
by the door/ on the ground/ behind me
on my way back homebound

isn't it a drag that what we breathe in
isn't exactly what we breathe back out