All the Pictures of You with Arms Crossed (​+​3)

by Lines&Lies

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"An album about existential comic book characters, dead/distant friends, and queer boys"


released June 5, 2015

Recorded & Mixed by Dan ABH at The Lab Sound Studio in Alexandria, VA
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, NJ

Ethan Rundlett- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Dan ABH- Keys, Noises, Aux. Percussion, Backing Vocals on track 8
Ella Boissonnault- Backing Vocals on tracks 4 & 8
Nat Brown- Backing Vocals on track 8

Live '15 Recordings by Martin Bonica at The Lab in Alexandria, VA
Ethan Rundlett- Vocals, Guitar
Dan ABH- Drums
Ella Boissonnault- Vocals
Nat Brown- Vocals, Bass



all rights reserved
Track Name: Susie Derkins
stop me if i call you my friend
cause i rolled up my sleeves
and picked the last snow off the ground
waited until it was 60 degrees
and laughter was the sound
that cold heart i preserved
preserved perfectly
a flawless, ingenious, evil plan
a snowball for how far i've fallen in love with you

it's not the way it should have been
but it's what happened
the girl next door
was the attention i was fighting for

do you remember
flirting for the first time?
counting rose pedals
to find a sign
she loves me
she loves me not
she loves me
she loves me not
Track Name: Brand New Astronaut Tattoo
were they destined to collide
unaware like asteroids
that fall to the earth
and block out the sky?
shooting stars move faster than you
and i wonder
if they crash too
or where they came from
where do we all belong?

is it the same reason
why you close the door when you sleep alone?
is it the same reason
why you itch your scabs to the bone?

and i've tried
to read your eyes
but your mouth
can't stop lies
that your tongue
is committed to
Track Name: Marie & Meursault
when i die
i'm gonna beg st. peter to bring me back
for the good times with friends
and less time spent in bed
kissing you before work
where you go and you're miserable
cause you go where it's stressful
and you come home and you're intolerable
yeah you come home and you're hurtful to me

i don't have to be in all your dreams
just so long as you love me during the day
cause i can be anyone when you're asleep
but i'm not guilt free from you
when i'm thinking of someone else too
someone less miserable
someone less stressful
someone less intolerable
someone less hurtful
someone less human
Track Name: Ugly Sweaters that Practically Belonged to Our Ex's
i must sound more
intelligent on paper than
in person
and i fear it's getting worse

cause i've only seen this shade of white once before
and i don't want to blend into these white walls
that surround this prison

so let's keep in touch
when we're too far
away to feel much
say the first thing that comes
in your letter
cause we're too far
away to hear better
say the first thing that comes
to your small head
Track Name: House Burning
all these memories in places i'll never live at again
the sound of that city i couldn't stand
those windows i spent a year in front of
watching the leaves change, while i still stayed the same

i will miss my friends after they're gone
but don't ask me to admit it right now
cause we're still locked in our rooms
still mad about who knows
Track Name: Joysucker
i step out
and i regret
what i'm wearing
should've saved it for a better day
when i feel more attractive
and when pictures would be taken

because life is a performance
and i'm a male
but i bought this dress here on sale

doesn't it look pretty on the reflection of intolerant eyes
and the compliments seem better off spiteful lips

i swear i'll get you for this
Track Name: The 4am to NYC
we watched the sunrise in all four states
as i carried these layers of skin
across the potomac into the city

and i came home with more
quotes from bumper stickers
that made us laugh

you pacify the fire in my eyes
Track Name: All the Pictures of You with Arms Crossed
you laugh and your lip splits
blood is abundant
but we panic when it's shown
now i've spent too much time alone
in the car judging dead squirrels
for falling for stories of
greener pastures
and then braving the road
without a hand to hold
or the slightest idea
of where to go

we're so fragile
oh so very fragile
but we'd rather believe
that we're invincible
like the love between
two reciprocal
but we're so fragile
oh so very fragile

the skid marks won't fade
and it's your name i'll be coughing up
when you show off your legs
in my memories
but you can't
in that coffin
Track Name: Good Grief
this is everything i wish i wanted
but like the sun that chases the moon
i'm after you sunrise to sunset
hoping you'll slip, trip into eclipses
or dark abysses
and can't find a way home
and when god's left you alone
you'll finally get it

the crying of why won't pass the sky
nor will it reach into the universe
so try to immerse in the idea
that the smaller you get
the better you feel