Hope and Other Things - Ep (​+​2)

by Lines&Lies

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released April 19, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Edited by Pablo Cabrera at Quantum Sounds Studio in Annandale, VA
Live '12 recordings by Marc Stallard in Herndon, VA



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fake Lakes
look for the man who dressed himself in the dark
hes sick with whatever shes got too
cause they just realized that these memories are past lives
and besides they never took anyone elses advice
so why should i help them?
does that just sound bitter?
but these tough stains they left behind smell like roadkill
i guess i could air it out if i didn't stand so still
but i won't cause i'm stubborn
no i won't cause i'm human
no i won't cause i inherited this uncanny tolerance for people i call my best friends but treat me like shit
we swam all that summer
without fear and without thought
and if i remember correctly i think we wanted to get caught
cause i think we'd rather spend a night in jail than go home soaking
yeah i think i'd rather spend a night in jail than go home without skinny dipping with you tonight
Track Name: North Like Poel Island
oh how i wish we could converse in person
i'd tell you all the bad i've immersed myself into
and show you how i wear nothing but black anymore
and to hear your laugh would be the best remedy for that
but you're up north and i'm a southern boy cause i hate the snow
but i hate this heat more
so let me choose my side of the mason-dixon line and i swear ill disappear forever
until you find me ten years later on the internet
you claim by accident
and we'll talk like friends even though were distant relatives on the depression spectrum and you can't relate
no not anymore
so why am i boston bound when i know its just a waste of time?
and why am i boston bound when it's clear you're just a rebound?
and why am i boston bound?
and why are we okay with this mistake?
i know i'll be sorry for this later when i think about regrets
but i still got my train ticket
and you still got yours
Track Name: Hope and Other Things
foreign minds
we're just two unalike
and it showed in our sex life
we'd just tend to pretend that nothing ever happened
but you still got your memories
and i still got my bad dreams
we're two tires too tired for this ride
yeah there's simply too much weight to wait
cause i'm sick of always waiting for what you'll say to counter what you said before
cause i'm done feeling sorry for myself
cause i'm the only one who still feels the gloom when you enter the room
and i'm done feeling sorry for myself
cause i'm the only one who still feels the gloom when you exit the room and that's fucked up
my stress put me in the hospital
and i bled out in the waiting room waiting for you
of course this all was back in 2012
so i couldn't be that sad
since it was only ten months before the rest of the world
Track Name: Fireside Chatterbox
can heat lightning be
relevant to me
right here right now
with you?
underneath this tree
but we don't notice
cause we share that same middle name
and we go on and on and on and on
and on and on and on and on
and on and on and on and on
and on and on and on and on
cause two inch conversations will never grow old
not even when we repeat every story we've already told
and two inch conversations will never grow old
so i'll take your glasses off and say what your body has sold
don't let this be the night when we actually get some sleep
who said two writers couldn't fall in love?
they might conflict but our words still mean a lot
and who said two writers couldn't fall in love?
this is hard but we still give it all we've got
Track Name: A Time, Two Times x 2, and A Halftime Score Board
you're assuming too much
cause insomniacs still dream of revenge against z's and sheep
i bet herders skip this house
obviously for flock safety
cause when the targets in numbers you're bound to hit one
and like a child you're only satisfied picking out your prize
so let natural selection select me a dream for the catcher
and maybe then i'll be happier
cause either way it's going to be a long night tonight
better get comfy on this drunk bed they were so nice to provide
but you know they know we all know
it's time for a drive
sandman you're going down even if i drown
my cars in the river now and it's all your fault
if i was asleep in bed i wouldn't be dead
let this hang on your conscience
Track Name: We Object(s)
she knows he's staring
and it's daytime
so at a different moon
so he must know she's uncomfortable
and not in the way that he feels in that ridiculous shirt
but it doesn't help the situation when all the other girls are jealous
cause they can't see his intent
no one taught him about consent
and her freckles give it away
she's been out in the sun all day
left to dry
as she waits for some other guy to come around and fix her
but they just let her be
cause they think she'll work it out alone
but more like hopefully
i'm sorry i cant help you more
you see i'm passed out on the floor
and people like to wipe the night's disgrace on my face on their way out the door
isn't dependency scary?
isn't addiction exhausting?
isn't this vicious cycle boring?
doesn't it make you want to end your life?