North Like Poel Island (the Revisit) - Single

by Lines&Lies

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Rewritten by Ethan Rundlett & Dustin Reinink


Oh how I wish we could converse in person.
I'd tell you all the bad I've immersed myself into,
and show you how I wear nothing but black anymore.

Just to hear your laugh would be the best remedy for that,
but you're up north
and I'm a southern boy
because I hate the snow.
Right now, I hate this heat more.

So let me choose my side of the mason-dixon line
and I swear I'll disappear forever,
until you find me ten years later on the internet...
you claim by accident.
We'll talk like we're friends,
even though we're distant relatives
at best - at worst.

Why am I Boston bound
when I know it's just a waste of time,
and why am I Boston bound
when it's clear you're just a rebound?
I need to think that this is in the past tense
and have it make sense.

I know I'll be
sorry for this later
when I think about regrets,
but I've still got my train ticket,
and you've still got yours.


released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved